Join In

There are powerful national groups as well as local. Public Citizen was founded in 1971; Free Speech for People, in 2010 on the day of the Citizens United decision.

Reverse Citizens United | Monroe County, Indiana works to raise awareness. Treating corporations as though they have First Amendment rights is affecting all areas of our lives. Come to our meetings; march with us as we parade our corporate person Octi on July 4th; check out our Facebook page; host a House Party; write letters to your paper.

Ask candidates questions: Do you think corporations should enjoy first amendment rights meant for people? Do you think money is free speech? Do you support passing a 28th amendment to reverse the 2010 Citizens United decision?

Urge President Obama to order government contractors to disclose their political spending

Tell the Securities and Exchange Commission to require that publicly traded corporations disclose their political spending to their shareholders

Oppose TPP as the next corporate usurpation of democratic power

Invite Reverse Citizens United to moderate a private house party for at least 8-10 people. House parties can be organized around one of two themes: education or the economy. Learn more about it, and throw a party!