Reverse Citizens United, a grassroots political action group based in Monroe County, is offering to moderate an evening at a private house party for 8-10 people, or present a program to your organization around one of two themes: education or the economy. Both themes will tie in to how the 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United has threatened our republic by vastly broadening the claim that corporations are people, and money, speech. Learn more about it, then contact us, and throw a party!

Education Themed Program

Schools for Sale: The Corporatization of our Schools
Co-sponsored by the Indiana Coalition for Public Education

View the video Rise Above the Mark (65 minutes) produced by the West Lafayette Education Foundation which focuses on how funding for our Indiana public schools has been challenged to the point where they are in danger. The discussion will focus on how Indiana came to be a test drive for this takeover; and how a Constitutional Amendment would give our voting power back. When the venue is a public program, there is a $50 charge to show the film, but not when it is a private house party.

Economy Themed Program

The Long Con: The Corporatization of our Economy

Inequality for All by Robert Reich (90 minute video) explores how our economy has been rigged to favor the very wealthy. Alternatively, we also  offer the option of viewing a selection of three-minute Reich shorts on various economic issues, which may be used instead. The discussion will focus on restoring balance so capitalism benefits everyone and how a Constitutional Amendment would give our voting power back.