About Us

2016-04-16 D Democracy Awakening March
Reverse Citizens United of Monroe County celebrates Democracy Awakening

We organized in January, 2011 in response to the 5-4 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United. We support Justice Stevens’ minority opinion in that case, and work to reverse the majority decision. To that end, we’ve collected thousands of signatures on a petition for a constitutional amendment to the effect that corporate rights and privileges are legislative, not constitutional (corporations are not people), and that campaign finance is subject to governmental regulation (campaign money is not constitutionally protected speech). Our city and county government have acknowledged these petitions in framing resolutions adopted unanimously in support of a constitutional amendment.

As part of our educational campaign we have sponsored many events open to the public, like those listed below. We hope you’ll join us at future events like these.

  • theatrical performances
  • film showings
  • public speaking engagements
  • petition tabling at winter and summer Bloomington Farmer’s market
  • panel discussions
  • letters to the editor
  • book clubs
  • author appearances
  • radio broadcasts
  • participate in the city of Bloomington’s annual 4th of July parade