Restore A Sense of Common Purpose By Rethinking Media

The FCC or Federal Communications Commission’s “public-interest standard was established to balance commercial interests with democratic interests, first with radio and then on television. The time has come to build on that model to establish a public-interest mandate for for-profit social media platforms.”  Especially since “today only 27 percent of American get their news from a local print newspaper, while 64 percent, get it online.” 

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences began a bipartisan commission in 2018 to look at civic engagement around the country; their report Our Common Purpose was published June 2020 with 6 strategies. The pertinent strategy for Media, is number 5. The recommendations in this strategy are supported by the belief that “although digital platforms have negatively affected the practice of democratic citizenship, we can redesign these platforms and their uses to support, rather than erode, our constitutional democracy and sense of common purpose.”