Fossil Fuel Lobbying and Climate Initiatives Continue to Combust

This is an excerpt from an article in Grist, explaining how and why legislators oppose common sense legislation to help save our planet from the destructive influence of global warming.

“So just how much are these groups spending to defeat climate legislation? We created a preliminary “political pressure” measure that combines the funds companies and trade associations spend on lobbying and on their political action committee donations. This measure, however, significantly underestimates special interests’ total advocacy efforts because there are no public reporting requirements for spending on many traditional pressure tactics such as earned media, polling, rallies, and television advertising (which these companies and associations heavily engage in). Further, companies’ donations to trade associations are kept secret, and the recent Citizens United Supreme Court decision empowers corporations to spend their money to elect or defeat candidates often without any disclosure or reporting requirements. “

Although the article is not recent, the corrupt practices are still in place.