Calling all Minutemen!*

Patriot Congresspersons have done much to protect our democracy by crafting legislation designed to encourage voting and discourage those who would suppress the vote for partisan advantage. Now it’s our turn.

The House has already acted by passing HR 1. But companion legislation in the other body needs We the People to persuade our Senators to do the right thing by passing S 2747. It is clear now that this cannot be done unless the Senate sets aside the filibuster, allowing passage by a simple majority vote.    

If you believe the American democracy cannot survive without the sweeping reforms embodied in this legislation—to mention a few, federal elections free of partisan gerrymandering, universal paper ballots, vote by mail, and election day as a national holiday—the time for you to act is now.  

Phone your Senators and ask them to set aside the filibuster and pass the Freedom to Vote Act (S 2747, 2021). You can reach Senator Todd Young at 317-226-6700, and Senator Mike Braun at 317-822-8240.

It may not be 1776, but it’s close.

*Civilian volunteers during the American Revolutionary War, known to be ready at a minute’s notice.