Indiana Virtual Schools Called to Account

Maybe some accountability is in the works for the largest Indiana online
school, Indiana Virtual School. According to the State Board of Accounts, they
have been inflating their enrollment figures since they are paid per student on
a count day. Audits through 2015-16 have revealed “millions of dollars in
management and technology fees to companies owned by the school’s
founder and his son.” It is estimated that since 2016 state funding has totaled
more than $80 million for virtual charter schools.

Ever since the 2010 Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. FEC that money
is protected first amendment speech, undisclosed donors aka “dark money”
have been hard at work in Indiana to eliminate public education. The Super PAC Hoosiers for Economic Growth spent almost $1.3 million during Indiana’s 2010 election cycle funneled through the Indiana PAC of American Federation for Children funded by out-of-state monies.