Cutting Ties with ALEC

We at Reverse Citizens United agree with Common Cause that the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is “responsible for some of the most extreme conservative laws passed in the last decade” (see below). You can help in the effort to expose ALEC supporters by contacting companies that still support ALEC and tell them to follow the example of AT&T, Verizon, and others. Public pressure resulted in those corporations cutting ties with ALEC.

You can learn more about the politicians, lawyers, corporate front groups, and billionaires who support ALEC on PRWatch.

“The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a group of corporate lobbyists, funded by big corporations working to ram far-right legislation through state houses. They are responsible for some of the most extreme conservative laws passed in the last decade: “Stand Your Ground” gun legislation, racially discriminatory voter ID laws, and rollbacks of environmental protection.

Now, ALEC is getting ready for the 2019 legislative sessions — and they’re eyeing even more extreme legislation in states across the country. Stifling the right to peaceful protest. Advancing a dangerous Article V convention. Making it easier to pollute our environment. Rolling back our right to vote. We must mobilize to stop them and defend the rights you and I hold dear.

ALEC’s member corporations pay top dollar for direct access to state lawmakers — who let their lobbyists write their dream legislation into ALEC “model bills.” Then, ALEC’s legislators rush those bills through their state houses, turning them into laws that enrich corporations and hurt the rest of us.

BUT… we have a plan to stop them, and we’re making progress.

You see, major companies don’t want to be associated publicly with ALEC’s overwhelmingly unpopular, extreme agenda. And up until very recently, ALEC’s been able to operate from the shadows — pulling the strings to advance their right-wing policies.

But in the past few years, peoples’ groups like Common Cause have exposed ALEC for what it is– and have put MAJOR pressure on companies to cut ties with them.

Just this year, two of ALEC’s biggest funders, AT&T and Verizon, responded to our demands by canceling their ALEC membership. They joined Google, Coca-Cola, and other major companies in an unprecedented exodus from ALEC’s toxic brand.”

— Common Cause email blast, January 2019