Exxon and ALEC Split over Climate Change Denials

Exxon Mobile Corp. has been a huge supporter of the Koch Brothers financed American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a corporate cabal taking us backwards.

On July 12, 2018 Exxon withdrew from ALEC over a disagreement with their climate-change denial position. Their departure comes much later than other large corporations like Ford, Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and demonstrates the fossil fuel industry’s growing concern over their public image.

“It’s very significant when a giant of the fossil fuels world thinks that ALEC ‘s denial of the existence of climate change is intolerable. I hope that other responsible corporations that are still members of ALEC will follow suit,” — Wisconsin State Rep. Chris Taylor, who has attended ALEC events and written about its climate denial positions

It is heartening for Exxon to step away from ALEC, but a long history of collusion to obfuscate the truth about climate science remains.