Citizens Action Coalition Watching Indiana Legislation

Just as they have for the past 40 years, the Citizens Action Coalition is keeping a close eye on the Indiana legislature when it comes to energy, the environment, and utilities.

They’ve compiled a list of relevant bills on the 2017 Indiana General Assembly Campaign Page. Here you can find links to the bills themselves, and review continually updated information about each. Two priority bills being watched this spring are HB1014 Redistricting Reform and SB309 Distributed Generation.

#redistricting #indiana is a topic close to our heart, you’ve heard from us before about how important it is for a healthy democracy. #SB309  threatens to eliminate net-metering, a major incentive for consumers who install solar panels.

Learn more about these bills and more at Consumer Action Coalition, a valuable resource keeping Hoosier citizens informed and legislators accountable. Thanks for “turning on citizen power!”