Winners and Losers

GE workers protest reduction in Healthcare benefits, Bloomington, IN Photo  by Joe Crawford for WFHB

One might ask, how can outsized political contributions by corporate behemoths have an impact on healthcare in the United States? Here’s a short list of articles that describe the implications and demonstrate the problem of corporate influence on how you and I might win or lose. Issues at risk range from public health policy to retiree health care benefits.

Citizens United, Public Health, and Democracy: The Supreme Court Ruling, Its Implications, and Proposed Action
 An American Public Health Association article on Citizens United’s effect on health care.
Changes to GE health plans leave retirees stunned
 A Connecticut Post article on GE’s dramatic reduction of employees health care benefits.
GE retirees protesting slashed health benefits
 The Herald Times coverage on local GE employees losing their health benefits.
General Electric Cuts Retiree Health Care — Workers in Bloomington Protest
 WFHB’s coverage of the protest by local GE retirees.