Indiana’s Slide From Pro-Labor to Pro-Business


AFL-CIO Central Indiana Labor Council
This regional AFL-CIO website has numerous articles on issues affecting labor in Indiana and the rest of the US. The occasional TPP articles are probably most closely linked to Citizens United.
Sen. Joe Donnelly, Gov. Mike Pence react to Carrier, UTEC sending 2,100 Hoosier Jobs to Mexico 
A February 15, 2016 article with accompanying video reports the Indianapolis Carrier plant closing. This is obviously a direct result of NAFTA and shows why trade agreements heavily influenced by corporations are bad news for American workers.
Analysis: Indianaʼs slide from pro-labor to pro-business
A Butler University study shows how the Indiana state government has slowly but surely turned the tide in favor of big business over union workers.
Do Corporations & Unions Face the Same Rules for Political Spending?
Since the Citizens United ruling corporations have much more leeway in how they make political contributions, and how that money is disclosed.