The Candidates Respond

Reverse Citizens United of Monroe County recently surveyed all 37 primary candidates running for seats in Monroe County to determine where they stand on the corrupting power of money in our state and national elections.

With the unexpected and unprecedented success of presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, it appears that the American voters may have reached the tipping point. No matter what our political affiliations, be that left, right, centrist or independent, voters are communicating that they are fed up with the status quo.

Reverse Citizens United asked each candidate if they agreed with the 2010 Citizens United Decision -which allows unlimited sums of unaccounted for money to flow to candidates; if they believed that corporations are people, and whether they support campaign finance reform. A total of 10 candidates, 7 Democrats and 3 Republicans responded to the questionnaire.

All 7 democratic candidates did not agree with the Citizens United Decision and supported a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the supreme court ruling. The 3 Republicans who responded agreed with the Citizens United Decision and did not support a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United. However, all 10 candidates that responded did support passage of legislation requiring full disclosure of all funding sources.

You can find out more about the questionnaire and about the Citizens United Decision at

Federal Candidates


State of Indiana Candidates